27th September 2020

As we enter the school holiday period, things are sometimes a bit quieter around here. Youth, Playgroup and Kids’ Club are on a holiday break, as are most of our Bible study groups. There is no Sunday School on 27/9, 4/10 or 11/10. Children are very welcome to stay in the church for the main […]

20th September 2020 – Mission Sunday

Each year, we make one Sunday a Mission Sunday, in which we focus on Jesus’ mission “to seek and save the lost”, and the part which he calls each of us to play in this work. Today is our Mission Sunday for 2020. Mission News from Philippa is below, making this a bumper edition of […]

13th September 2020

During the week, our ministry staff met together for a two day “retreat” in which we did some careful reflection on what we are doing here in the ministry at St Jude’s and how, under God, we can make it more fruitful.  One of our tasks was to look at everything we are doing and […]

6th September 2020

When I stand up to preach each week, my aim is not to deliver my own opinion, but to expound for you the message which God has delivered to us in the Scriptures. If you’re a regular here, you’ve probably noticed that I am in the habit of preaching sequentially through books of the Bible, […]