The graveyard is central to the English village charm of our parish site.  It is an historic place, which also continues to be available for new interments.  St Jude’s may be the last place in Sydney where a funeral procession can move from the church door directly to the church yard for the burial.

During Spring, the wildflowers are left to grow and make a lovely display of a number of rare plants.

The cemetery opens daily at approximately 9:30 am and closes at 4:00 pm.



Click here for more about the history of our cemetery and its more recent enthusiasts. 



Click here to view a map of all the current grave sites in the cemetery. 


The columbarium, which was opened in 1956, is at the far end of the path which extends from the cemetery gates towards The Avenue.  It is an attractive and peaceful place where the ashes of loved ones can be interred.  Niches in the columbarium are available to anyone in the community (there is no requirement to be a church member).

Memorial Garden

Since 2006 St Jude’s has made available a Memorial Garden off the Northern entrance to the Columbarium.  Here ashes can be placed in the garden and an inscription made on a small plaque on the garden edging.  This provides a pleasant garden space for the ashes of loved ones, and is available to the whole community.

Ashes in Old Graves

Ashes of direct relatives may be placed in older grave sites with permission from any next of kin and the Parish Council.

As with all burial areas here, the wording must be in keeping with the Christian nature of the cemetery.

Grave Sites

Because of their limited numbers, grave sites are available to regular parishioners.  They can be applied for, through written application to the Rector and Parish Council, and reserved on the cemetery plan.

As the site is a Heritage listed site, all monuments constructed have to be approved by both the Heritage Council and the Parish Council.

Costs (as of MAY 2023)


$1,760 – (plus plaque and fitting)

Memorial Garden

$2,200 – (plus plaque and fitting)

Grave Sites

POA – (plus monumentation)

Ashes in Older Grave sites

$2,200 – (plus plaque and fitting)

To enquire about purchasing a place, please contact the church office.

Plaque specifications

Plaques for the Columbarium and Memorial Garden must be made as follows:

Columbarium, Blocks A-H (Niches 1-1116): Silver coloured, 134 mm x 95 mm

Columbarium, Blocks I-J (Niches 1117-1476): Cast bronze, 134 mm x 95 mm

Memorial Garden: Cast bronze, 120 mm x 80 mm