9th January 2022

With Christmas over, we are in the season of Epiphany.  “Epiphany” comes from a Greek word meaning “appearance” or “manifestation”.  The central idea is that God, through Jesus, has truly appeared, has manifested himself.  He has shown himself to be real (not just an idea), knowable (not a mystery) and relatable (not aloof).
We speak of “having an epiphany” – a striking realisation – but ultimately there is only one epiphany that matters: the realisation that Jesus is Saviour and Lord.  Sermons during Epiphany will be on the simple but important theme of “Trusting Jesus”:

  • 9/1 Trusting Jesus with our life
  • 16/1 Trusting Jesus with our reputation
  • 23/1 Trusting Jesus with our mind
  • 30/1 Trusting Jesus with our money

You might have been wondering about the format of our morning services.  Throughout January, while we continue with one morning service at 9 am, we are alternating the format from First Order Holy Communion (the form usually used at 8 am) and Sung Communion (the form usually used at 9.30/10 am).  My hope is to return to two morning services in February.
Please keep praying for our new staff members, Rev. Emma Little (Women’s and Pastoral Care Minister) and Edward Happer (Student Minister) who both start with us on Sunday 23rd January.  Meanwhile, the Goddards are on holidays this week, and the Schmidts next week.

Rev Emma Little                        Edward Happer
Rev. Emma Little                                             Edward Happer