Christmas weekend at St Jude’s

A blessed Christmas to everyone. We are hoping to see you at church this weekend.

Here are our in-person Christmas Services:

  • Family Christmas Celebration
    • Christmas Eve 6.00 pm
  • Communion Services
    • Christmas Eve 11.00 pm
    • Christmas Day 8.00 am and 9.30 am
    • Boxing Day 9.00 am

I pray that the services make you feel the “thrill of hope” in which a “weary world rejoices.”

I enjoy a wide range of Christmas music – everything from the traditional carols we’ll be singing today, to schmaltzy American numbers like Winter Wonderland. But one of my top Christmas experiences is Handel’s Hallelujah chorus. It is so exciting to hear the choir sing, over and over again, “He shall reign forever and ever.”

Christmas is all about the birth of the One who will reign forever and ever – the Lord Jesus Christ. There was plenty of hype around Jesus’ birth: a miraculous conception, a skyful of angels, foreign visitors! But unlike earthly rulers, Jesus’ kingship will actually live up to the hype of his arrival. He will rule with wisdom and justice forever.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it can be hard for us to gain a “forever” perspective. There is always a device beeping to notify us of something happening right now. The urgency of the beep often makes it seem more important than it really is. How much will it matter in ten thousand years? Yet, in ten thousand years, Jesus will still be ruling.

Just imagine what a difference it would make to your life now, if you could keep clearly in mind that Jesus will reign forever and ever. Imagine how few things you would worry about. Imagine the everyday hope and joy of knowing that Jesus’ peaceful rule will never end.

These wonderful things can be ours today, through authentic faith as Jesus’ disciple. St Jude’s is here to help you in that walk. To those who might be specially reconnecting with church at Christmas time, I am suggesting these are the best ways to get involved:

  • Come again any Sunday, 9 am or 4 pm. (Note: we are planning a return to three services each Sunday from February.)
  • Simply Christianity is a way to explore Jesus further: details on the back.
  • Kids’ Club, Youth, Playgroup, Rambles, Bible studies and other mid-week activities are back in February.

See you again soon. Every blessing to you for Christmas and in 2022.