Pentecost – Sunday 28th May

This Sunday (being the 7th Sunday after Easter) is Pentecost or Whitsunday, when we mark Jesus’ pouring out of the Holy Spirit on his church (Acts 2).  The gift of the Holy Spirit is an absolutely astonishing blessing to Christian believers, because it means we know that Jesus is with us (John 14:18), as a deposit […]

About Jesus’ Ascension – Sunday 21st May

This Sunday marks Jesus’ Ascension into heaven, forty days after his Resurrection.  It is important to understand that these are two quite separate events in the history of salvation. Jesus’ resurrection was his defeat of death, returning to human life, never to die again. For the forty days after his resurrection, Jesus “presented himself to [his […]

About Mothers – Sunday 14th May

This Sunday is Mothers’ Day.  Although one could be a tad cynical about the commercial motivations of those who promote Mothers’ Day, it is also a good opportunity for us as a church to honour mothers, who are a gift to us from God, and who fill a divinely created role in our lives. You […]

About Coronation – Sunday 7th May

“Lord, open the King of England’s eyes.” These were the dying words of William Tyndale, before he was burnt at the stake in 1536, for translating the Bible into English. It is entirely appropriate that we pray the same prayer for Charles, the new King of England, and of Australia, since by his own admission, he […]