About Mothers – Sunday 14th May

This Sunday is Mothers’ Day.  Although one could be a tad cynical about the commercial motivations of those who promote Mothers’ Day, it is also a good opportunity for us as a church to honour mothers, who are a gift to us from God, and who fill a divinely created role in our lives. You might notice that today’s epistle reading highlights the important role that Timothy’s mother and grandmother had in forming his faith.  Our gospel reading features the situation where Jesus’ mother May prompted his first miracle – the turning of water into wine.  We are giving thanks and praying for all mothers and mother figures today.

In brief:

  • It is now just two weeks until our Plan Your Farewell seminar, on Friday 26th May at 10 am.  This will be a relaxed, informative and encouraging seminar to help us think about preparing for our passing in a Christian way.  I do hope you can make it.
  • Fireworks is three weeks away, on Saturday 3rd June at 5 pm. Save the date, invite friends, and consider whether you could help (for example set-up, BBQ’ing, serving food, welcoming and collecting money at the gate, packing up).

Andrew Schmidt,