28th February 2021

Welcome to St Jude’s.  May you “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:15) through everything that takes place in church today.  At the 10 am service, children and youth join in the main gathering at the start, and then move off to creche, Sunday School and Youth Bible […]

21st February 2021

This is the first Sunday in Lent (hence the violet colours in the church, and today’s sermon on Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness).  Our Ash Wednesday communion and seminar last Wednesday was an encouraging way to begin this season.  It is traditionally a time of making a special effort to enrich our relationship with God, […]

14th February 2021

Each week our communion service includes a section called the Thanksgiving, which comes immediately before the part where we remember the words Jesus spoke the night before he died, as he shared the bread and wine of the Passover Feast with his disciples. In the thanksgiving we praise and thank God for his mighty deeds […]

7th February 2021 – Vision Sunday

This is the Sunday that I call “Vision Sunday”, when we commission people for the many and varied ministries in which they serve, and remind ourselves of why we serve in this way. The Bible describes the church as a body, which consists of many different parts working together.  The body metaphor is rich with […]