7th February 2021 – Vision Sunday

This is the Sunday that I call “Vision Sunday”, when we commission people for the many and varied ministries in which they serve, and remind ourselves of why we serve in this way.

The Bible describes the church as a body, which consists of many different parts working together.  The body metaphor is rich with lessons about how we ought to treat each other: no-one should feel that they are not needed just because they seem to play a less impressive part, and no-one should feel they can do without the others, just because they seem to have a more impressive part.  Everyone is needed here, because God has arranged the body just as he chose (1 Cor. 12:18).

But the “church as a body” is more than just a message about co-operation and humility, because the head of the body is Christ (Eph. 1:22).  We are Jesus’ body.  This gives us a definite task.  We exist for his glory.  We are to make him known.

At St Jude’s we express this task of the church by saying that our vision is to “fill the church with disciples of Jesus Christ”.  Together we want to make Jesus known so that the many thousands of people in Randwick will join us in worshipping our Creator and Saviour.  (Of course, we won’t be satisfied when the church is full!)

This is a day to celebrate and thank God for all of the ministry that takes place here, through word ministries like Sunday School, service and prayer leading and Bible study, choir and bell ringing, pastoral care and helping one another with transport, and the countless essential roster tasks like morning tea, flowers, Bible reading and COVID-safe.  There are many that I have not mentioned.  My hope is that everyone can see how their individual ministry contributes towards the overall task of making Jesus known, for the glory of God.

I am convinced that we need to keep clear in our minds the desperate need of our friends, family and the Randwick community to hear of the saving love of God in Jesus Christ.  We need to be praying for the lost.  I want to make evangelism and prayer for the lost our theme for Lent this year. With this in mind, I’d like to invite you during Lent to three prayer meetings, at 8.30 am on Fridays 26 Feb, 12 March and 26 March.  This will include a good amount of prayer for our new all-ages informal congregation starting on Sunday afternoons later this year, as well as for our new ESL ministry and much more.

In brief:

  • Ash Wednesday communion and seminar is on Wed 17th Feb, 7.00 pm
  • We need more helpers for COVID safety, vergering and other tasks.  Let the church office know how you’d like to help.
  • You might like to know that our Early Learning Centre has a beautiful new floor!