28th February 2021

Welcome to St Jude’s.  May you “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:15) through everything that takes place in church today.  At the 10 am service, children and youth join in the main gathering at the start, and then move off to creche, Sunday School and Youth Bible Study, after the children’s talk.

My theme for Lent is Evangelism and Prayer for the Lost.  I want us to remember that those around us who do not know Jesus are in desperate need of our compassion and of the news that Jesus forgives all who turn to him in faith.  Thanks to everyone who came to last Friday’s prayer meeting to pray for the lost of Randwick.  Please check out the bookstall (in the Parish Room) which has some great resources for sharing the gospel

In three weeks’ time, on Sunday 21st March, our Annual Vestry Meeting will be held at 11.30 am (once morning tea has finished up!).  I would like to encourage you to attend.  It is the church’s annual business meeting in which reports are delivered on the year’s ministry and finances.  The other important business is the election of our parish office holders, namely:

  • Wardens (who administer the financial and property affairs of the church)
  • Parish councillors (the Parish Council is the governing body for the financial and property affairs)
  • Synod representatives (who represent our parish at the synod of the Sydney Diocese; this year they have the added responsibility of electing a new Archbishop)
  • Parish nominators (who form a search committee for a new rector if needed).

Nomination forms for office holders are available in the church porch and Parish Room.

Everyone who leads a ministry activity, (be it bell ringing, Kids’ Club, rambling, Playgroup or whatever) is encouraged to submit a written report on their ministry, so that the congregation can be encouraged to learn what God has been doing among us.  (Please submit your reports to the church office, either in person or by email: contact@stjudesrandwick.org.au).

I see the Vestry Meeting as a good opportunity to take stock of how our mission is going, and to help us all see how our individual contributions form part of the big picture of the parish, to the glory of God.  I hope to see you there.

Amongst many things to talk about will be the plans towards our new all-ages informal congregation.  Today at 4 pm is our third Information and Prayer afternoon, in the Parish Room.

In brief:

  • Please keep our new ESL ministry (starting tomorrow at 10 am) in your prayers.
  • There is a Working Bee this coming Saturday, 8.30-10.30 am followed by morning tea.
  • Thanks to everyone who came to our Prayer Meeting for those in Randwick who do not know Christ. The next one is two Fridays away, on 12th March, 8.30 am.


Andrew Schmidt