1st September 2019

Today is also our once-a-year Mission Sunday, on which give a special focus to the mission of the gospel to all the world.  When Jesus was on earth, he taught that he had come “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 5:32).  This shows us that Jesus’ own understanding of himself was that he was on a rescue mission: the human race is lost and needs saving.

Jesus was not a self-sent missionary: he had been sent by his Father in heaven. (Remember that the word “mission” comes from the Latin for “send”, so every missionary needs a sender!)  The Father’s sending of the Son is the original mission.  But after Jesus had risen from the dead, he said these amazing words to his disciples: “As the Father sent me, so I am sending you” (John 20:21).

This means that Christian people are sent to continue Jesus’ mission to the world.  Our mission is to announce to the world that God’s Son has accomplished salvation through his sin-bearing death, and call everyone to repent and believe so that they can share in this amazing gracious gift of God.

Millions of people around the world and through the centuries have heeded Christ’s call not only to repent but also to take part in his mission.  Today we will hear from Jacqui Guy about the KYB Megavoice program which enables illiterate women to hear the life-giving word of God.  Even if you don’t usually come to morning tea, please come today as there will be a special morning tea, information and a stall from the Fistula Hospital Shop.