Morning devotion Friday 20th August 2021

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  Proverbs 4:23

People have always known that your hearts are important. They keep us alive and when they stop, we die. Because a heart seems to pump life to the rest of the body, it was also assumed to be the centre of our identity, our emotions and our desires.

That image lives on today despite our modern knowledge of anatomy, and so we need to guard our ‘hearts’ as much as ever. Why? Because everything we do flows from them. The desires and passions of our hearts influence our decisions and actions every day. If our heart yearns for something, we will pursue it. If our hearts lack compassion, we’ll fail to help someone in need even if we know we should.

If our hearts are so important, then we need to do all we can to guard them, keep them soft and working as they should. So what habits, attitudes or actions might be hardening our hearts? Let’s pray that God will help us to guard our hearts against these things, and instead with His help pursue habits, attitudes and actions that strengthen our hearts to work as He made them to.

Rev Andrew Goddard
Assistant Minister | Youth and Evangelism