About Lent – Sunday 26th February

This is the first Sunday in Lent, a season which has a very long history in the Christian church.  Because Easter is the central event of the church year, the lead up to Easter is an important time of preparation.  Lent might at first have been for new Christians to reflect, pray and discipline themselves before their baptisms, which would take place in celebration at Easter.  It then grew to be a time of reflection and re-commitment for all Christians.

These ideas contrast with our culture, where people want to celebrate “24/7” without having to prepare themselves!! Lent observance is not compulsory for Christians.  The main thing is that if we do it, we should “keep it real.”  If you take extra time out for prayer and reading the Scriptures, and give up a luxury for 40 days to remind yourself that all things come from God, that has to be a good thing!  We should also ask God to help us be genuinely sad over our sins, so that we can be truly grateful for forgiveness, and determined to live Jesus’ way.

In brief:

  • Evening Prayer is on this Wednesday at 7.00 pm.  We will decide from week to week whether to keep holding these services during Lent, depending on the response.
  • Dinner after 4.00 pm church is on this Sunday.
  • The Ten Commandments movie night is next Saturday, 4thMarch, 5 pm. RSVP is not essential, but indications would be useful.
  • Annual Vestry Meeting is in three weeks, on Sunday 19th March, 11.30 am.

Andrew Schmidt,