Coming Events & Some News About Religious Freedom – Sunday 19th February

Looking forward to seeing you at Church and at some of our many activities which you will read about below.

You may have heard last week that the Australian Law Reform Commission handed down a discussion paper recommending major extensions to anti-discrimination law, which would severely restrict the ability of Christian schools to operate according to their Christian charter.  It was pleasing to note the Prime Minister’s statement that he supports faith-based schools; evidently he does not support the radical legal changes proposed.  You can have a voice on this issue, using the links in our weekly email.  Here is what I wrote in the “closing comment” section in my response to the government survey:

“Christians are not a special interest group trying to lobby the government for what we want.  We are, rather, seeking to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone, for the good of the whole society.   Christians regularly pray for our governing authorities and all who are in high positions, with the aim that “we may lead peaceful and quiet lives” (1 Timothy 2:2).  We are not trying to make trouble, but others are trying to make trouble for us.  The proposed extensions to the discrimination laws would inevitably be weaponised against Christians.  And there are no evils taking place at present which make these laws necessary.  I respectfully submit that no change is required.”

In brief:

  • Ash Wednesday communion is on this Wednesday, 7.00 pm.  Join us in the side chapel of the church for a short and meaningful communion service to mark the beginning of Lent.
  • I am considering holding a series of Evening Prayer services during Lent, probably on a Wednesday night around 6.30 pm.  I’d love to know whether you feel you would come.  Could you let me know your thoughts either in-person, or by email.
  • Next Sunday, 26th February, the 4.00 pm congregation will be having dinner together. Please plan to stay around.
  • We’ve scheduled the long awaited Ten Commandments movie night for Saturday 4th March at 5 pm.
  • The Annual Vestry Meeting is a month away, on Sunday 19th March, 11.30 am.

Andrew Schmidt,