9th February 2020

Last week I began a series of sermons on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. I am truly excited to be exploring these amazing three chapters of Matthew’s gospel in which Jesus teaches us about the kingdom of heaven. He absolutely cuts through our pretence and self-deception, demanding our hearts, while at the same time promising us all the blessings of his heavenly Father.

You will notice that our epistle readings in coming weeks take us through the letter to the Philippians, which is a short and encouraging letter about pressing on in the Christian life, with joy, harmony and generosity. Bible study groups, which start soon, will study Philippians up to Easter.

I felt encouraged after last week’s service, in which I highlighted my “Fill the Church” vision, by quite a few people who felt inspired by this. The Parish Council is continuing to work on elaborating this vision into some specific strategies. We are meeting again this week with our facilitator, Peter Mayrick, from the Centre for Ministry Development. I would value your prayers for this workshop.

In brief:

  • Kids’ Club starts this Wednesday, 3.00-5.00 pm, for K-6.
  • Youth (Friday nights) has already started back.
  • Play Group has already started back.
  • Next time there is some fine weather, why not wander in the graveyard down towards the sculpture, where two new benches have been installed as a lovely place to contemplate the sculpture. One bench is in loving memory of Valentine and Marion Sue, and the other of Carolyn Snowdon.