16th February 2020

I would like to share news of a decision made by the Parish Council last week, for which I think we can be very grateful. We became aware of a particular need in the parish of Hoxton Park, in south west Sydney, a very diverse place where many refugees have settled together with migrants from many backgrounds. The rector, Rev. David Clarke is a friend of mine and I think highly of his godliness and his abilities in ministry.

This parish is engaged in a wonderful ministry in what is a needy area, both in gospel terms and in socioeconomic terms. However, its financial resources have become stretched and in need of urgent support so that they can retain their assistant minister Philip Lui. As we are in a three-month hiatus between assistant ministers, our Parish Council has decided to contribute our saving (approx. $21,000) to the work at Hoxton Park.

I am grateful to God and feel that you can be very proud of your councillors’ generosity. I hope this also might encourage you to continue and grow your generous financial support of our ministry. Although St Jude’s comfortably supports its own ministry (thanks to our highly successful Early Learning centre), growth in our own resources will enable us to do more great things for God’s kingdom beyond our parish.

In brief:

  • Bible study groups are back in full swing this week.
  • Shrove Tuesday afternoon tea, and Ash Wednesday communion and seminar are on next week.