8th July 2018

At last week’s mission prayer meeting, we had the opportunity for a video chat with our mission partners in SE Asia.  It was interesting to learn of the way their mission has morphed slightly since their arrival: whereas they had expected to need to acquire new language skills, their ministry so far has been amongst people whose natural language is English.  They were excited about a Christianity Explored group is running at their church, and feeling very grateful for the opportunity to read the Bible with a Buddhist woman who had simply fronted up to church wanting to find out about Christ.  They greatly value our prayers for them.

Two weeks ago I wrote about the GAFCON conference, held 17-22 June in Jerusalem.  I’ve heard many reports of an encouraging time had by the nearly 2000 delegates, who represented 50 million of the world’s 70 million Anglicans.  The conference produced a “letter to the churches” which is available for you to collect.

Thank you to everyone who offered to help in the kitchen, and to host leaders for this week’s CRU Edge day camp.  We now have enough volunteers and it’s full steam ahead.  Please pray for a safe, happy and spiritual week for children, leaders and helpers.