15th July 2018

Our CRU Edge Day Camp finished on Friday with a celebration BBQ for children and parents.  It was wonderful to see so many of our congregation leading, hosting leaders in their homes and preparing food for the group.  The twenty kids seemed to have a brilliant time.  For those not yet connected with churches, let us pray that God brings them back to us, and to him.

The Anglican liturgy that we follow is deeply scriptural as well as being astute about human nature.  The Prayer of Preparation is a good example.  Through this prayer at the beginning of our gathering, we acknowledge that God knows our hearts and desires completely.  While the person beside us in the pew does not know all our secrets (phew!), God knows them all.  We cannot hide from him.

Reflecting on God’s total knowledge of my heart makes me realise just what a mixture is in there.  I may well have arrived at church preoccupied, distracted, not at peace with some of my brothers and sisters, or holding onto unrepented sin.  This is why we ask God to “cleanse the thoughts of our hearts”, to bring us to a state in which we can hear God speak, offer up our prayers, and “worthily magnify” his holy name.