8th December 2019

All of the children will stay in the 9.30 service with the adults today and are welcome to come up to the communion rail for a blessing and prayer.

We are at that time of the year when many of ministries wind up for the Christmas holidays.  Today’s Christmas pageant marks the end of the year of Sunday School.  Youth finished up last Friday.  Kids’ Club finishes up this week.  Most of our Bible study groups are winding up this week or thereabouts.  The leaders of these ministries will be taking a well-deserved break.

Around this time, it is good to think about how we might be involved in ministry next year.  Could you help on Sundays, at morning tea, as a sidesperson, as a Bible reader, server, or chorister? Could you help with one of our children’s ministries, play group, Kids’ Club or in Kat’s chaplaincy time with the Early Learning children?  Could you serve on the Flower guild, or on the Early Learning centre committee?  Would you be willing to be trained for our new ESL ministry or in pastoral care?  There are many other opportunities!  Please think and pray about these things.  Feel free to express your interest to me or to the leader of the ministry you are interested in.

In brief:

  • We are attempting to letterbox drop our whole parish, to invite people to celebrate Christmas with us. If you can help with this, please take a map and sufficient flyers, sign your name, and take a walk to deliver the flyers!