29th April 2018

With our Hymn Fest for Nungalinya College coming up, it is good for us to know a bit more about the College and its mission.  Nungalinya is an inter-denominational indigenous Christian college in Casuarina, in the suburbs of Darwin.  Its students are from all over Australia, but mostly from across the NT.


Nungalinya aims to provide Christian education in theology, community development, leadership and media.  It teaches literacy and numeracy, theology, music and media, and cross-cultural awareness.  The money raised by our Hymn Fest will go towards the music and media course which has suffered a cut of government funding.


The college website explains:


”Theology Courses that address the unique nature of Aboriginality and Christianity. They are designed to develop personal faith and equip people for practical Christian ministry.”


This seems to me an excellent aim.  Personal faith is of the utmost importance, but this personal faith forms in a particular context, so it is great to see the particular context of aboriginality being addressed in their courses.


The best possible promoter of harmony between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians is the growth of the gospel of the one and only God amongst all of us.  For this reason, I am grateful to God for the many indigenous people whom he has called through Jesus Christ, and very pleased that we can support the training of indigenous Christians at Nungalinya through our prayers and financial giving.


With this in mind, do come along to the Hymn Fest on Saturday at 11.00 am.


And don’t forget Youth kicks off the next day, this Sunday at 4.00 pm, and every Sunday from then on.