28th August 2022

I greatly enjoyed having the Van’t Spykers as our guests at church two Sundays back for Mission Sunday. Many of you told me you found them very pleasant and encouraging. We ended up having a very full day with them, with large numbers of scones consumed and a pot luck dinner following afternoon service! We raised $900 for BCA. Hopefully this will also lead to many of us growing our own individual support for BCA, both in prayer and giving.

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus answers the critics who accuse him of being an agent for evil. They were saying that it was by the Devil’s power that Jesus cast out demons.  Jesus replies that the criticism doesn’t make any sense. Why would the Devil send an agent out to stop his own work? In that case, the Devil’s house would be divided and doomed.

Ever since Jesus’ day, certain people have voiced the illogical idea that Christianity might be a negative influence (although few have been brave enough to pin the “evil” label on Jesus himself). The vast numbers of schools, hospitals and acts of kindness done in the name of Jesus provide clear evidence that if Christians are of evil intent, they have a very funny way of showing it!

In brief:

  • There is Working Bee next weekend, Saturday 3rd September, 8.30 am. With spring beginning, it is a good time for gardening and tidying.
  • Confirmation is pretty soon now, Sunday 18th September, 4.00pm.


Andrew Schmidt