24th May 2020

Today’s opening sentence is a reminder that God invites us to seek his face (Psalm 27:8). This is an invitation for real relationship, the openness of speaking face to face. It’s challenging to ask myself: do I really do this? If you want a metaphor for how we seek God, I think it is often more a tug at his elbow – to ask for something! But God does not want us merely to tug at his elbow. He wants us to seek his face.

The privilege of face to face fellowship was not truly possible for God’s ancient people. But for us, through Jesus, it is possible to behold the Lord’s glory face to face (2 Corinthians 3:18). Let us not be too awkward, or ashamed, or lazy, to seek God’s face in prayer. Because through his Son he has invited to us to enjoy fellowship with him.

Now that the lifting of the COVID lockdown is cautiously underway, many will be wondering what the implications are for our church gatherings. I do not think we should expect much change before the start of school Term 3 (20 th July). From that time, I am hopeful that some small group gatherings will be possible. However, public gatherings will probably not be back to normal until even later. With that in mind, could I encourage you to embrace online church for these months.

Today we will hold a cyber-morning tea for our 9.30 congregation. After watching the service, tune in through Zoom at 11 am and we will catch up together for conversation. Details for doing this are on your email and on the website.

As well as this, 8 am Holy Communion, 10 am Sunday School, Youth Bible study, and 6 pm Evening Service, are all live on Zoom. I am looking forward to you joining us for fellowship in some way throughout the day.