17th May 2020

Our opening sentence from Isaiah teaches that “God has set his people free”.  The prophet was looking forward to a time when God would save his people from oppression.  But the oppressor he had in mind was not just an earthly oppressor like the Egyptians, from whom God saved the ancient Israelites.  This would be God’s decisive liberation of his people from the great oppressors, sin and death.  That is the liberation that was achieved for us by the Lord Jesus at the Cross.

As a result, we can declare with a shout and proclaim to the ends of the earth, that the Lord has set his people free.

I am pleased to let you know that Rev. Jim Le Huray has returned from sick leave and is “back in the saddle” here at St Jude’s, albeit that we cannot run services in person!  You will see him in today’s recorded service on Youtube.  Welcome back Jim!

May also remark that the church grounds are looking splendid at the moment.  The cemetery has had its yearly haircut and is looking very neat.  From now, we let its wildflowers grow.  If you live near St Jude’s, it is very much worth taking some of your exercise by way of a walk in the cemetery.

I continue to be encouraged by the caring that is taking place and the engagement with our online resources.  Praise God!