30th May 2021 – Trinity Sunday

I have prayed that the gospel will come to you “not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction” (1 Thessalonians 1:5).  May you have the deep sense that God has spoken to your heart today through the Scriptures. This is Trinity Sunday.  The fact that God is […]

23rd May 2021 – Pentecost Sunday

Today is Pentecost (also known as Whitsunday), when we mark the day on which the risen and ascended Christ poured out his Holy Spirit on the church.  The colour red reminds us of the flames which rested on the disciples (Acts 2:3) at this time when God’s powerful presence was displayed.  For us, even without […]

16th May 2021 – Sunday After Ascension

Today is the Sunday after Ascension (Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after his resurrection: Acts 1:3).  Jesus’ ascension has been marked in the church’s calendar since ancient times.  Just like Easter, Pentecost and Trinity, there is a place in the world which was named Ascension Island because it was discovered at this time of […]

9th May 2021 – 5th Sunday after Easter

On this Mothers’ Day we give thanks to God for the mothers he has given each of us, and for the nurture, in body, mind and spirit, which we received from them.  We also recognise and honour all of the mothers and mother figures in our congregation.  We give thanks to God for them and […]