16th May 2021 – Sunday After Ascension

Today is the Sunday after Ascension (Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after his resurrection: Acts 1:3).  Jesus’ ascension has been marked in the church’s calendar since ancient times.  Just like Easter, Pentecost and Trinity, there is a place in the world which was named Ascension Island because it was discovered at this time of year.  However, we can often fail to appreciate the importance of Jesus’ ascension, as something different from the resurrection and important in its own right.   Andrew Goddard will be teaching us from the Scriptures about the important truth that Jesus not only rose but also ascended into heaven, where he sat down at God’s right hand.

Today’s psalm (Psalm 24) has been chosen to suit Jesus’ Ascension.  It asks the question, “Who will stand in God’s holy place?”  Who is worthy to enter into God’s presence?  The answer is: “He who has clean hands and a pure heart.”  There has actually only ever been one human being worthy to enter God’s presence.  And Jesus’ ascension into heaven proves that he is that person.

Psalm 24 is ultimately not about the average godly person, but about the one and only Son, who entered God’s presence to intercede for us.  Praise God for giving Jesus to be our advocate with the Father!

The countdown is underway to our Fireworks event on Saturday 5th June.  It is a great fun evening, starting at 5 pm with a BBQ, followed by fireworks after dark (around 6 pm).  You should receive an invitation card today.  Please use these to invite family and friends along.  There are also plenty of ways to get involved in making this event happen (see back page for details).

In the coming week, you should also receive a letter inviting you to contribute to this year’s St Jude’s Restoration Appeal.  It is a particularly exciting one, as this year’s project is the replacement of the church’s roof with new slate.  Details of how to give to this important project will be in your letter, or here (scroll down to Restoration Fund).

Finally, if you are new or newish at St Jude’s lately, you’re invited to a Newcomer Welcome next Sunday, 23rd May, at the rectory.  Stay on after morning tea following the 10 am service for a start at 12 pm.