9th June 2019

Like every Christian congregation around the world, we meet together because God has reached out in love to a wayward world.  Jesus said that he had come “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).  We often speak about a lost dog, a lost child or a lost mobile phone at times when we still […]

2nd June 2019

The night before he died, Jesus told his disciples that he was going away, and that they could not follow him.  They were both perplexed and saddened.  Jesus then began to unfold to them his wondrous plan to continue being with them (and now us) through his Holy Spirit.  Jesus explained that even after he […]

26th May 2019

Today I have a few updates for you.  The renovation of our childcare centre playground, announced several months back, is currently at the design stage.  We have retained an experienced playground company to do both design and construction, and are currently working through some different design possibilities before we go ahead.  This process has taken […]