22nd April 2018

It is ANZAC Day on Wednesday this week and we will mark this in our services today.   Although Australia has been at war in my lifetime (notably in Iraq and Afghanistan), I come from a generation that has almost no first hand experience of the heavy, heavy costs of war.  In light of this, […]

15th April 2018

Each Sunday our service includes a collect, which is a special prayer set for the day.  Collects are short prayers which get straight to the point.  They usually begin by addressing God as the one who is willing and able to answer the prayer.  For example, “Heavenly Father, giver of all good things”.  In this […]

8th April 2018

During my time in Springwood, in 2013, our community was affected by a very significant bushfire which destroyed hundreds of houses and damaged many more.  Almost as soon as the fire had taken place, our parish started receiving financial donations from Anglicans around the Diocese.  Eventually these totalled well over $200,000.  This enabled me and […]