20 February 2022

On Sunday, we gather together to “encourage one another” in the love and service of our Lord Jesus, and “all the more as we see the Day drawing near” (Hebrews 10:25) (the Day, of course, being the day of his return).

This Sunday we are joined by our mission partners Jerome and Indra who will share with us about their work in Southeast Asia. Jerome will be teaching us from God’s word in Philippians about partnership in the gospel. Please make a point of coming along to today’s special morning tea to engage further with Jerome and Indra. They are also with us for several great events during the week.

Sunday’s Psalm is Psalm 12, a psalm of lament. The psalmist feels very alone, with no-one standing with him for the truth. You might think the psalm sounds bleaker than your reality, but verse 2 is challenging. It warns us of speaking without substance – weasel words, flattery, not being completely straight with others, protecting ourselves by not saying the hard things. We must admit we all take part in this.

In contrast to human speech, God’s words are pure, like “gold refined seven times.” This is the way Jesus spoke. He did not shrink from saying hard things, but he also offered the most sublime words of invitation to those who would come under his yoke: “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

If we have accepted his invitation, we should saturate ourselves in his pure word, the Bible. And we too should try to speak with its purity and shining truth.

In brief:

  • Our Roof Dedication and bring a plate lunch is another week closer: it’s 10 am, Sunday 13th
  • Next week, during a part of our service time, we will be completing the National Church Life Survey. This takes place every three years, and is said to be the second biggest survey in Australia – after the census! It provides valuable information about Christianity in Australia.
  • See the back page for information about events with Jerome and Indra this week.
  • Envelopes are in the pews for a special donation for CMS Please place in offertory.