17th July 2022

Welcome to St Jude’s, it’s wonderful that you are here. After a quieter couple of weeks over the school holidays, many of our ministries and Bible study groups that have taken a break will begin again this week. Kids Club, Playgroup and Youth Group start in the coming days, with ESL the following Monday. Sunday School will be back next Sunday at our afternoon Service, and we are happy to be starting Confirmation Classes this week as well in anticipation of Bishop Michael Stead joining us for a Confirmation Service on 18th September.

Our 4pm congregation is also continuing well. For a gathering that we ‘launched’ during lockdown last year, it’s clear to see that God has blessed it, both with new members, and a core group that care for one another in Christ.  It has about 20 regular attendees and a relaxed and contemporary style, and you’re very welcome to join us any Sunday to see what it’s like! I also invite you to join in praying that God will continue to bless this congregation – and all our congregations – bring people to Christ through them, and growing them in His love.

Yours in Christ, Rev. Andrew Goddard.