24th July 2022

Welcome to St Jude’s. I hope that everyone will sense that “God is really among us“ (1 Corinthians 14:25) in our gatherings today.


With the beginning of the new school term, various ministries are up and running again. Kids’ Club had an encouraging start last week, with some new children joining. Youth is also back (and confirmation classes have started), together with Sunday school, playgroup and Wednesday craft as well.


Today’s psalm is one of my favourites (owing to it being chosen by Kathryn‘s grandmother for her funeral). Great Nana’s psalm expresses humble thanks to the God who saves, but more than that, the psalmist is determined to acknowledge God before a hostile world. Even in the presence of alternative “gods”, this psalmist will not be silent. That is the way we should be. Even if we don’t have a clever salvo to fire in the culture wars, we can give thanks to our God while the world listens in.


In brief:

  • The date set for Anne Giles’ funeral here at St Jude’s is Monday 1st August, 2 pm.
  • See the back page for details of upcoming conferences and ramble.


Andrew Schmidt