17th April – Easter Sunday

Our Easter theme this year is the invitation to “Find New Life” through the Lord Jesus. He conquered death on the first Easter morning, rising from the grave, never to die again. Now everyone who bows the knee to him as the rightful king of the universe receives the new life that only he can give.

I hope you will sense the joy of this day. But more than that, I hope that everyone who calls themselves a disciple of Jesus will grow in the conviction that they have found new life in him. And that everyone who is still on a journey might grow closer to bowing their knee to the Lord of life.  Indeed, it is Jesus who “gives life to whom he is pleased to give it” (John 5:21).

The prayer with which I conclude my Good Friday sermon is the sort of prayer to pray if you know that you want to bow your knee to Jesus:

Dear Lord Jesus, like that thief on the cross, I know that you did not suffer for your own sin, because you had done nothing wrong. You suffered for the sins of others, including me. Thank you for bearing my sins on the cross. Please forgive me, and help me to live obediently under your kingship from now on. And just as you promised to the thief on the cross, please remember me when you come into your kingdom, and let me be a part of it forever and ever. Amen.

In the weeks following Easter, we have some great plans to help us find and grow in this new life.

On Sunday 1st May, there is a Newcomer Lunch at the rectory (my house, right next to the church!), at 11.30 am following the morning services.  This is for everyone who has joined St Jude’s in the last year or so, and everyone who might be new on that day!  It’s a chance to meet other newcomers, hear about what’s on, and have a tour of the grounds.

Starting on Monday 2nd May (7.30 pm), Emma Little and I will be running the Life of Jesus course.  This is a course which explores the life of Jesus from an historical perspective, using a 20 minute video and discussion time.  I hope it will grow our confidence that the new life Jesus offers is based in real historical events. It goes for 6 weeks.

If you’d like to come, use the contact card (physical or online) to let us know, speak to ministry staff or call the church office.

Finally, the countdown is on to Fireworks, which are 7 weeks away, on Saturday 4th June.