20th October 2019

The Sydney Anglican Synod began last Monday and will finish this Tuesday (5 sessions in total).  It is like a parliament of our diocese, making decisions which set directions for all Anglican parishes in Sydney, and representing our diocese to the wider church and world.  I am joined at the synod by our parish representatives Doug George and Karen Calayag.

While a diocesan parliament might not sound like a riveting experience, I confess to enjoying synod, because it is conducted in a good spirit, with a surprising amount of humour!  It is also encouraging to hear what is happening in the wider diocese and world.  This year, six churches have been granted “parish” status, which means that they have grown to the point of supporting their own ministry.  Berala, for example, near Auburn, has an Anglican Church with many new converts from Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic and other backgrounds.  This reminds me that God continues to be at work gathering the people he has chosen for salvation, and that we need to continue meeting together, and inviting others to join us.

In brief:

  • Life Explored starts this afternoon at 4.00 pm. It is not too late to sign up.
  • Our Patronal Festival (St Jude’s Day) is next Sunday. We hold one combined church service at 10.30 am, followed by BBQ lunch and games.  Please put your name down in the porch for catering purposes.
  • Please make a point of being at church on Sunday 3rd November so you can take part in the National Church Life Survey.
  • The countdown to the Fair is on. It’s only three weeks away, on Saturday 9th November.


Finally, please pray that our Youth have an enriching time as they hold a camp in the St Jude’s grounds this Friday night.  It sounds like great fun!