12th May 2019

On this Mothers’ Day I am grateful to God for my mother, who taught me to believe in God and loves me unconditionally to this day.  I am grateful to God for one particularly good friend of my mother, who never had children of her and own and has been very generous towards me and my children.  And I am grateful to God for my wife, with her endless patience and devotion, and timely Christian encouragements, for our children (and for me!).  God gave us our mothers and mother figures.  Indeed, God invented motherhood and occasionally describes himself in motherly terms (e.g., Matthew 23:37).  Therefore, while it is right to thank and acknowledge the women in our lives today, let us genuinely acknowledge God for his wisdom and kindness in providing them.

You may have seen article about our Sculpture dedication in the Southern Courier, 30th April, page 17.  It happens that on the very next page, our choir is mentioned for their participation in the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Coogee Beach.  It’s nice to get some media coverage!

This week it would be remiss of me to say nothing about this Saturday’s federal election.  I want to encourage you to vote Christianly.  By this I mean to start with the realisation that your vote is a gift of God to be used in obedience to him.  In deciding how to vote, our self-interest, and our tribal loyalties to one side of politics or the other, must give way to our Christian identity.  We must make a judgment, as best we can, as to what political outcome will be best for the advance of the gospel.

There is no such person as the perfect Christian candidate.  All have strengths and weaknesses in the way their character and policies align with the gospel.  As a result, Christian people can legitimately differ in their political judgments and end up voting for different candidates.  The key, however, is to recognise in our vote a God-given responsibility for which we will give account. So please pray sincerely for wisdom, and vote with the wisdom God gives you.  I have written a prayer which you may like to use (see inside).

Also, this month’s edition of the Southern Cross contains an excellent column from our Archbishop in relation to the upcoming election.

In brief, Fireworks is in three weeks’ time (Sat 1st June, 5 pm).  Please plan to come, and invite a friend.