Annual Vestry Meeting 2020

St Jude’s Annual Vestry Meeting was held on the final Sunday before such meetings became impossible due to the COVID-19 lockdown.  It was a blessing from God that we had scheduled it for that day!

We now have an opportunity to share the papers from the Vestry Meeting, which include reports from me, the ministry staff and the various ministry leaders in the church.  These make for interesting and encouraging reading.  You can find the papers here: Annual Vestry Meeting AGM reports 2020.

As a reminder, the people elected at the Vestry Meeting to fill governance roles in the parish are as follows:

Wardens: Alan Clark, Diane Hill, Philippa Skuja

Parish Councillors: Crispin Arnall, Vjera Arnall, Tracey Bates, Karen Calayag, Jacqui Guy, Glenn Lockwood

Parish Nominators: Christine Alexander, Alan Clark, Diane Hill, Karyn Lai, Justin Playfair

Synod Representatives: Doug George, Karen Calayag