28th June 2020

This is also Dedication Sunday, marking the 155th anniversary of our beautiful church building.  We will be giving thanks to God for his grace to St Jude’s over those years, and praying for his continued kindness to us and to those in Randwick who are yet to be saved.

Rev. Andrew Goddard, who joined our ministry team just as the lockdown forced us out of the physical church, will be preaching to us in-person for the first time, as our series in the letter to the Hebrews continues.

Also inside today’s bulletin, you will find your June Mission News containing encouraging reports of what the Holy Spirit has been doing through our mission partners. Please take and use this to guide your prayers.

To make our service run smoothly from a COVID safe perspective, please observe the following:

  • Stay 1.5 m apart.
  • Max 2 people per pew.
  • Do not leave your seat at the Greeting of Peace.
  • No handshaking.
  • Only leave your seat for communion when invited by a sidesperson.
  • At the end, please leave the church pew by pew, starting at the front.


Due to the 50-person limit in the church, children should go straight to the Parish Room for Sunday School and Youth Bible study.

Today’s service is a trial for a new 10 am Family Communion service which we will hold each week from Sunday 26th July, as a stepping stone to getting back to our two Sunday morning gatherings.  By then, the 50 person limit will have lifted, and we will be allowed larger groups, provided we stay 1.5 m apart.


Andrew Schmidt, Rector