27th May 2018

We are making a concerted effort this year to make lots of connections with youth and children in our parish.  I am grateful that, since the launch of Youth four weeks ago, God has brought more youth along each week.  As well as this, we have seen many new faces at Play Group on Tuesday mornings.

Our long term relationship with Claremont College was in action last week as the school held two leadership training days on our site.  It was great to see the lawn full of children both in their discussion groups and break time.

Today I want to highlight another new event, this time focussed on primary aged children (school years K-6).  This is a CRU Holiday Camp, to be held at St Jude’s in the winter school holidays from Mon 9th-Fri 13th July.   CRU (a.k.a. Crusaders), an experienced Christian camp operator, bring their program and staff; we provide volunteers to help.

It’s a “day camp”: the children go home to sleep, and come back each morning for some excellent activities and spiritual discovery time. The week includes an off-site trip on one of the days.

Registrations are now open, and we are praying for up to 50 children to come along for the week.

In brief, there is a film crew at St Jude’s tomorrow, for the series “Lambs of God”.  Also, Fireworks are getting close, Saturday 16th June.