18th April 2021 – 2nd Sunday after Easter

I hope you find it encouraging and thought-provoking to engage with God’s word today. In sermons throughout the Easter season, we will engage with the book of Acts.  Andrew Goddard is preaching today on “The Unlikely Christian” from Acts 8:26-40. We also read from the gospel every Sunday; this year we are working sequentially through […]

11th April 2021 – 1st Sunday after Easter

Greetings to you on this first Sunday after Easter. I was very grateful to God for our Easter weekend.  All of our services were well attended, with Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning services back at the normal levels we saw in 2019 (all in-person Easter services were cancelled in 2020).  Maundy Thursday dinner and […]

4th April 2021 – Easter Sunday

Easter is the most joyous day in the Christian calendar, when we celebrate the living hope won for us by Jesus’ defeat of death. We are solemn together on Good Friday, but on Sunday we celebrate together that Christ is risen. Have you ever thought about exactly how Jesus death saves us? Would it surprise […]