31st January 2021

I am very excited about preaching to you from the letter to the Ephesians today and over the coming weeks.  We will be reminded that being a Christian really is the highest possible privilege for a human being.  I hope our hearts will be moved to praise our great, kind and loving God. This week […]

24th January 2021

We have a vision to fill the church with disciples of Jesus Christ.  This is a way of saying that we want more people in our community to come to know God through his Son, to join us as we gather each week in his Name, and to make his glory known to Randwick and […]

17th January 2021

On Monday evening, a bus caught fire in Glebe.  The driver and the passengers had to jump for their lives.  The bus was completely destroyed, but, as far as I can gather, no-one was hurt.  When I learned about this incident (through the wonders of social media!), I was struck with the thought of what […]

10th January 2021

It is a good thing you do each week that you join us in worship, to acknowledge the God who made us and to seek his help. For us as God’s creatures to worship him is not simply optional, or a good idea, but, as the prayer book says, “our bounden duty”. Because God is […]