1st April 2018

As you’ve probably realised by now,  I am very taken with the fact of Easter Sunday falling on April Fools’ Day (for the first time since 1956!).  Perhaps you’re even at church today because of one of our “Jesus rose no joke” flyers in your letterbox.

The reason why the Easter-April Fools’ connection caught my attention is because it sharpens up a question that every human must think about.  Is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ a fact, or were those first Christians simply the first victims of the world’s longest running practical joke?

There is so much that turns on this question.  If the resurrection is a fact, it is the most life-changing of all facts, because it gives to Christians a life-changing hope in their future life with God forever.  If it is not true, then, as I will explore in today’s sermon, Christians “are to be pitied more than all people”.  I hope you find it both thought-provoking and a great joy to celebrate this most important of all days in the Christian year with us today.

In some brief but exciting news, our new church website is finally live.  Please check out stjudesrandwick.org.au.  The next big event we are planning is a Hymn Fest on Saturday 5th May in support of our mission partner, Nungalinya College.  I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Don’t forget to pick up your Gazette on your way out today.