15th November 2020

Our sermon series this week continues through the book of Ruth: I’m looking forward to speaking about harvests, food wastage, outsiders, kindness, and Jesus!

We are keen to bring church back to pre-COVID norms as much as we can, but of course some restrictions remain (especially on singing) and, as in all areas of life, there may be ways in which COVID changes us for good. In recent weeks, the staff team and Parish Council have been thinking about next year. Thank you to everyone who has completed our short survey to help us in this planning. At the same time, our program of “focus groups” continues: I’ve been talking with people both inside and outside the church about how we can best connect with people and engage with them about Jesus. This Friday we’ll be holding a focus group with our youth. Next week I will offer you some data from the survey as well as some plans.

Psalm 128, which we read in church today, is a reminder that the word of God really is good news. “Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD and walks in his ways.” The psalm speaks about productive work and a happy household for those who fear God. At the psalm’s prompting, I have lately been calling my children “little olive shoots”. You can ask them if they like it! It is an ideal picture, and we all know that in this sinful world no-one’s life reaches the ideal; however, the encouraging point is that walking in God’s ways (according to his word) will be good for our earthly wellbeing, because it is the best way to live.

In brief:

  • We farewelled Irene Howes at St Jude’s on Friday. She passed away on 7th Irene was a faithful member here for over ten years and contributed greatly through her card stall at the Fair, her service on the flower roster, and her godly presence among us. It was a pleasure for me to have heard her speak about her confidence in God as she approached death. We praise God for this, and pray for Irene’s family.
  • For great Christian content and Sydney Anglican news, check out the November Southern Cross online at: https://magazine.sydneyanglicans.net/