14th March 2021

After last year’s live Easter services were cancelled due to COVID, it is exciting to be able to say that we have a lot of great things planned for this Easter.  Here is what’s happening.

On Palm Sunday (28th March), the church is decked out with palm leaves, and in red, for the blood which Jesus was to shed on the Cross only a week after his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  We have a guest preacher, Bishop Michael Stead.  He is the Bishop of South Sydney (which is our region within the Sydney Diocese).  His last time at St Jude’s was my induction in 2016, so it will be excellent to have him with us again.

On Maundy Thursday (1st April), we hold a Passover-inspired dinner in the Parish Room at 6.00 pm.  This is a lovely communal event, suitable for all ages from children up to the very mature!  The only snag is that because of COVID, we are limited to 40 people, so you will need to sign up to secure your spot.  This is followed by a communion service (7.30 pm), and whoever is available stays behind to remove all brass and coloured items from the church in preparation for Good Friday.

Our Good Friday services (8 am and 10 am) are solemn in nature.  The Bible readings and sermon focus on the Old Testament prophecies indicating that the Messiah must die, and on the Gospel narratives of Jesus’ death, which is the centre of history.

Easter Sunday is a wonderful contrast to the solemnity of Good Friday, as we proclaim that Christ is Risen!  The church is decked out in white, the colour of celebration, and we proclaim the gospel message of the hope of everlasting life for all who are in Christ. On Easter Sunday, there will be our usual communion services (8 am and 10 am), and a special 4 pm service, which will be an informal service followed by egg hunt, barbeque and campfire.  It is designed for all ages from kids to youth to adults.

As it will be school holidays, we do not have a children’s program at the morning services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  However, we absolutely want children to be there and involved in the gathering of God’s people on these most important days.

Easter is a great opportunity to invite friends and family to church.  There are lots of people out there who are ready to come, if only they receive a personal invitation.  We’ve made an attractive invitation card for this purpose.

Please also take a bundle of these cards from the porch and do some letterbox dropping this week!

In brief, Annual Vestry Meeting next week, 11.30 am.  I hope you can stay for it.