Vision Sunday – Sunday 5th February

This week is our Vision Sunday, when we launch the year’s ministries.  Our mid-week groups and outreach activities (such as ESL, Playgroup and choir to name a few) are re-commencing after their summer break.  At the 9.30 am service, we will be commissioning our ministry leaders and helpers for the year’s work.  Creche and Youth Bible Study begin straight after the commissioning part of the service.

I also take it as an opportunity to remind us of God’s vision for his church.  This week’s Exodus passage, with God leading his people out of Egypt, is very relevant to this.  As a follow up to Vision Sunday, I’d like to invite everyone to a Prayer Meeting for the work of the gospel this year on Monday night, 6th Feb, 6.00-7.00 pm.

This Sunday, you will receive two other items with the bulletin.  First, there is a “Welcome to St Jude’s” booklet, which we have produced in order to give newcomers a sense of “what’s on” here at St Jude’s.  Naturally I want all our regulars to have a copy so that you can feel engaged with this.  Second is a “Getting Involved in 2023” sheet. There are still plenty of opportunities to serve this year.  If God has put in your heart to get involved in any way, tick the box on the sheet, write a comment on the back, and place in the offertory plate.

Brief news and some key dates for this week:

  • This is the final week for Exodus journals: there are ten left.  For this week only, a St Jude’s pen is free with a $15 journal!!
  • ESL (English classes) are starting this Monday 6thFeb, 10.30 am.
  • Youth kicks off next Friday evening, 10thFeb, 7 pm.
  • Welcome lunch is on in the rectory next Sunday, 11.30 am, for everyone new or newish.

Andrew Schmidt,