Sunday 4th March 2018

With our Annual Parish Meeting coming up in two weeks, let me explain a little parish politics!  The Anglican system of church government is, I believe, a very good one and perhaps the best of all.  It makes the rector responsible for “cure of souls” in the parish and, under God, for its overall spiritual direction.  However, each parish in our diocese must also have three wardens, who administer the financial and property affairs of the church.  They ensure that proper care is taken of the church and other buildings, and ensure proper use of parish funds.

The Parish Council is the governing body for financial and property affairs, which means that it approves the budget and shapes overall policy which wardens are to implement.  The Parish Council is made up of the rector, wardens and a number of other elected members.

The Annual Parish Meeting is an opportunity to have fruitful participation in church governance.  It elects our wardens and councillors (plus nominators and synod reps); not only this but it is also a chance to receive encouraging reports from rector, treasurer, and various ministry leaders.  Please do come along.

Also, don’t forget our big Sunday next week, with both the bell competition and choral evensong.  I am told that the bell comp will be featured in the Southern Courier this week.  Finally, please get involved in our Easter letterbox drop if you can!