Sunday 30th October

This Sunday we are all gathering together for a special combined service at 10.30 am, followed by a picnic BBQ lunch in the open space of the graveyard.  I hope you will be able to stay for lunch – even if you hadn’t originally planned to do so!

This week we will be celebrating St Jude’s Day, which is the day traditionally set aside to remember Jude, the brother of Jesus, who wrote the second last book of the New Testament.  Jesus’ biological brothers at first did not believe that he was the Messiah (John 7:5), but after his death and resurrection (and appearing to his brother James: 1 Cor. 15:7), James and Jude at least came to faith.  We don’t know for sure about his other brothers and sisters.

The red colours in the church today represent the “blood of the martyrs”, since so many of the early Christians were killed for proclaiming that Jesus is the Lord.  There is a tradition that Jude was martyred in Beirut in AD 65, alongside Simon, although we cannot be sure about that. Ultimately what matters is that Jude was “a servant of Jesus Christ” (as he calls himself in Jude 1), who urges us to “contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people” (Jude 2).

I am going to contend for that faith this week by preaching about the One whom Jude served, from Luke chapter 13. This part of the gospel highlights the sheer goodness and worthiness of Jesus, and I hope you will be uplifted and spurred on.

There is no space to mention the important things we can learn from the other important church dates this week, namely Reformation Day (31st October) and All Saints Day (1st November).  Maybe next week!

In brief:

  • This is the final Sunday to bring in your Operation Christmas Child gift!
  • Working Bee next Saturday, 5thNov, 8.30 am.  There is plenty to do in the grounds to have it looking great as we approach Christmas.  BYO gardening equipment is helpful though not essential.
  • The Hymn Fest and Music on the Lawn is in two weeks’ time, Saturday 12thNov, 11 am.

Andrew Schmidt