Sunday 18th June 2017

As part of redeveloping our church website, we have a photographer, Katie, with us this week and next.  Please make her feel welcome.

Next Sunday, 25th June is Dedication Sunday, which is one of two Sundays per year when we bring everyone together for a combined gathering at 10.30 am.  Children’s and youth programs will be on as usual.  (Services will not be held at the usual 8.00, 9.30 and 6.30 timeslots.)

Dedication Sunday commemorates the opening of our church building on 29 June 1865 (which was also St Peter’s Day).  As such it is a time to give thanks to God for the ministry that has taken place at St Jude’s over the last 152 years, as well as looking to the future in anticipation of God’s continued blessing.  This year it seems appropriate for me to preach on “The Future of St Jude’s”, based on Matthew 16:13-20.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Don’t forget to keep praying for our new staff member (commencing 2018), Martin E. Robinson, with his wife Emma and baby on the way.

Finally, we need around 10 new hymn books and prayer books.  The wardens and I would like to invite anyone who wishes to donate a book.  The cost is $40 each.  This can be arranged through the church office.