Sunday 15th January

Having taken it a little easier since Christmas, I have begun this week to think and pray more deliberately about the year ahead.  My aim has not changed.  Under God, I seek to lead you all in reaching out to the people of Randwick with the love of Christ.  Everyone needs to hear his saving message.  People are more likely to listen if they know we love them.  The “reaching out” is something for all Christians to be involved in.

I am constantly encouraged by the warm reception our church has in the community, judging by the friendly reaction I often receive when people find out what I do.  This warm reception has been built by ministries like Ramblers, Playgroup, ESL, Kids’ Club, and community events like Carols, Fireworks and Concerts.

At the same time, it is sobering to see how rarely these warm interactions lead people to take a “next step” towards Christ.  How hard it is to translate community connection into gospel exploration!  In part, this is due to the tragic apathy of sinful mankind toward our Maker.  It is a spiritual battle, and we must pray.  The other part is that, as a church, we need to make the next steps easier for people, without watering down the gospel.

Not only that, but “next steps” are for everyone.  If you’re already a regular, perhaps the next step is to join a Bible study group for the first time.  This is a natural way to deepen your relationship with God and with other Christians.

I would love 2023 to be the year of everyone taking the next step.

In brief:

  • It has been great to hear how people are enjoying the deep dive into Exodus through our current sermon series.  We’re thinking of holding a movie marathon featuring The Prince of Egypt (1998 carton version of Exodus) and The Ten Commandments (1956 epic version!). Watch this space for details.
  • Don’t forget that you’re best to read the book before you watch the movie! Pick up your Exodus journal in the porch for $15.  Why not add in a St Jude’s pen ($2) as the perfect companion purchase!!

Andrew Schmidt