Sunday 13th November

Throughout the year, as we have focussed on 1 Corinthians in sermons, you’ll have noticed that our gospel readings are following Luke (of which we’ve covered about half).  Luke often records questions asked of Jesus by his disciples or the crowds.  This shows that Jesus’ teachings got people thinking.  And if his teachings got them thinking, the same thing should happen to us.

This week’s reading records a pithy question which was asked of Jesus on his travels: “Will only a few be saved?”  Here was somebody who really believed in heaven and hell, and wanted to hear the Lord’s perspective on these crucial matters.

Our ears ought to prick up for Jesus’ answer.  While he doesn’t say directly that only a few will be saved, he does warn us to take the “narrow gate”.  Many who take for granted that they will cruise into heaven are in for a rude shock. The “narrow gate” suggests a life lived distinctly for Jesus, not just following the crowd.

In what way will your life look like a “narrow gate” journey this week?

In brief:

  • Thanks to those who worked towards tomorrow’s Hymn Fest and Music on the Lawn.  We are looking forward to all the music, as well as the food and the atmosphere.
  • Another musical experience next Sunday: Choral Evensong at 6 pm.  Come to your usual service, and come back for a second gathering the same day!  This will be our first evensong since COVID.

Andrew Schmidt