Sunday 11th December

I have enjoyed exploring the prologue to John’s gospel for our first two weeks of Advent. Sermons now turn to Isaiah, while our gospel readings continue in John’s account of the ministry of John the Baptist.  After Easter next year, we will take on the gospel of John as a major sermon series. I think you will enjoy this, because traditionally the lectionary covers John only briefly during Lent and Easter.

From the New Year I am going to preach on Exodus.  To get into the zone, you can read the book of Exodus, and of course, hold a screening of The Ten Commandments, with Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner.

In brief:

  • See you for the Carols and Christmas Market this afternoon, from 3 pm!  Set-up from 12 noon.
  • We welcome the family of Hamish Dutaillis for his baptism today at 11am.
  • Please pick up a bundle of postcards for delivery to the community this week.  We’d like to get as many as possible out before Lessons and Carols next Sunday evening.

Andrew Schmidt