Sheila Morrison

Late last week I heard news of the passing of Mrs Sheila Morrison in England.  If you have been a member of St Jude’s for more than thirty years, you may remember Sheila, the wife of Rev. Neil Morrison who ministered here for several months in 1988.
Neil Morrison was the rector of the Church of St John the Baptist in Randwick, Gloucestershire, with which St Jude’s had close links owing to its location in our namesake town in England.  Neil was an amazing cycling enthusiast and also the son of an Australian Governor General, Viscount Dunrossil.
During 1988, the rectors of the two Randwick churches made a swap, so that Neil Morrison ministered here, while St Judes’ then rector, Rev. Lovitt, performed a locum role in Randwick, Gloucestershire.
While Neil passed away some years ago, Sheila passed away just last week.  If you are an old timer, I hope that this information might have revived some pleasant memories of the Morrisons’ ministry here over thirty years ago.
I am grateful to Mr Geoff Danks for passing this on to us.