St Jude’s at Randwick is a church with a large and beautiful church building set in the midst of a community which needs to hear the good news of salvation.

We have a vision to fill the church with disciples of Jesus Christ. This is a way of saying that we want more people in our community to come to know God through his Son, to join us as we gather each week in his Name, and to make his glory known to Randwick and the world.

Over the 162 years of our parish, our strong tradition of formal worship using the prayer book has sustained the faith of many. It continues to do so. But we also know that there are many in Randwick who would find it easier to connect with Jesus through a more informal style of Christian gathering. That’s why for the last few years, we’ve adopted a mix of styles – formal in the morning and informal in the evening.

Each congregation is a gathering of disciples who love one another and seek to grow together in Christlikeness through the work of the Holy Spirit who dwells among them. That is why we want to launch our new congregation through a team that has prayed and planned together toward a shared vision.

We are inviting you to join the launch team for this new gospel venture.

What will the new congregation be?

A gathering of Christian people, meeting for praise and prayer and to hear God speak to us through his word the Bible. Of course, it is up to God to decide whom he will send to us.  But we are aiming for an all-ages congregation, with youth, children and adults of all ages.

The style will be informal, with contemporary music. (Although, at the moment, we definitely need more musicians!)


Sunday afternoons. The exact time slot is open for discussion, but it has to be late enough for people who do other things on Sunday mornings, and early enough for people with school or work the next day.

It starts (indicatively) in August 2021. But there is plenty to do, starting to now, to gear up.


Either in the main church building, or in our Parish Room for a more relaxed feel. (Eventually we hope it would grow too big for the Parish Room.)


We are hoping and praying that some existing Christians might join St Jude’s for the first time to launch this congregation. But we would not want to take you away from your current church except for very good mission reasons. If you are a Randwick local, and you’d like a local church where you can invite friends and family to experience Christian community and hear the Bible taught in an informal setting, then you are the sort of person we hope would consider joining us.

The launch team

For our launch team we are looking for people who:

  • Know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • Seek to express their relationship with God through personal prayer and Bible reading
  • Desire to be growing to be more like Christ
  • Are committed to Christian fellowship
  • Are enthusiastic about Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost through the proclamation of the gospel

We ask our launch team to commit to:

  • praying for our congregation and mission
  • attending our Sunday gatherings regularly (“most Sundays”)
  • be part of a growth group
  • serving on a roster
  • financial partnership with St Jude’s

If you want to be a part of this, but don’t feel you could commit to being on the launch team, that’s OK. Just come along to our gear-up gatherings, pray about it, and let’s see what sort of involvement God leads you to.

What to do next


Talk to one of our ministry staff (Andrew Schmidt, Andrew Goddard, Kat Cowell)