9th September 2018

Today the wardens, Parish Council and I would like to give you an update about some of the ideas and plans that have been discussed recently.

With our Childcare Centre turning ten, and the last loan repayment due to be made this year, it seemed appropriate to make a significant new investment in the centre.  There was a broad consensus that this should take the form of completely renovating the playground.  As a result, we have engaged a specialist children’s playground designer to begin this process.  I am looking forward to seeing their work.

It has been an ongoing prayer that God would send us a new member of our pastoral staff team to restore some gender balance to the team and to work amongst women of all ages, families, and in chaplaincy to the Childcare Centre.  A recruitment process is still underway, so please keep up your prayers!

A government grant opportunity may make it possible for us to consider installing some green energy measures, particularly solar cells, on suitable roofs, and possibly air conditioning.  We have not yet decided to apply for a grant, but this is something the Parish Council will be discussing at its next meeting.

Finally, the Parish Council has been working for some time on a proposal for a new sculpture in the cemetery to celebrate the ministry of women in the Parish over its 150+ year history.  You will hear more about that next week!